The Gospel (It doesn’t get any more relevant)

I received my newsletter from the Christian Worldview Network and read an article by Bob DeWaay called “The Demise of Gospel Preaching in Modern Evangelicalism”.  It was in three parts. I found it complete at Pastor DeWaay’s ministry website, Critical Issues Commentary. In the commentary Pastor DeWaay correctly identifies the need to preach the biblical Gospel message.  It seems strange to qualify it that way, but unfortunately it is necessary.  In the church today many look to make the Gospel relevant to the “unchurched” or the unbeliever.  There is nothing more relevant than hearing about our sinfulness and about the judgment and punishment in hell for our sin. Once we understand what we deserve, we can begin to understand what Jesus did for us by living and dying for those sins. As a church, if we get the Gospel wrong, we get everything wrong and people go to hell believing the wrong message. Read the entire article here by Pastor Bob DeWaay.

Mock Christian Terrorism

The American Center for Law and Justice has been reporting on a mock terrorism drill in the Burlington Township in New Jersey from last week.  Evidently the mock scenario involved a right wing group concerned about the separation of church and state.  This group was upset about the daughter of one of their members being suspended for praying before school.  So the mock drill plays out with this group attacking a high school, shooting students and taking hostages. 

This is another opportunity to see the anti-Christian mindset that is growing.  The obvious concern is not so much for the belief but for it’s boldness and for the  support it receives.  See the update of the story here.

Act Like a Godly Man

Here is another video of John MacArthur.  Here he speaks regarding the leadership of men in the church in general and specifically in his local church. I find the comment made by one of the reporters in John MacArthur’s story very revealing (as does John MacArthur).  The reporter, confused by the support of the women of the church for male leadership, states that “these women seem intelligent”.  Not only do they seem intelligent, they are.  It is a wise man or woman that chooses to abide by the Word of God.

Here is the video. It is about 7 minutes long. 

Consider It All Joy-Update

Proverbs 2:6
For the LORD gives wisdom; from His mouth come knowledge and understanding.

In my last post found here, I was waiting for the results of medical tests. The results are in.  I have Hodgkins Disease, a type of lymphoma. That would explain why my immune system was down and my platelets were low. That would explain many other symptoms I experienced before that I thought were related to a busy schedule and a lack of sleep. It is all starting to make more sense now.

If this were a typical good news/bad news presentation, what preceded would be the bad news. What is unique to this story is that the good news is the same. I have Hodgkins Disease a type of lymphoma. Medically and statistically speaking if someone is to have a type of lymphoma, Hodgkins is the one to have.  It has the highest (80%-90%) cure rate.  Over and over again my doctors and nurses have told me how fortunate I am to have this particular type of lymphoma. With 6 months of chemotherapy I should have a full recovery.  With that being said, there are some observations I would like to make.

I must confess, that I was very relieved to hear that I have Hodgkins. My wife and I knew that I was being tested for lymphoma, so my wife researched everything about it. She discovered, as the doctor later confirmed, Hodgkins was the type with the best cure rate. Those conclusions are based purely on statistics gathered from people diagnosed and treated with conventional treatments.  Those treatments were discovered and developed by medical science. 

That leads to the question, “What is the origin of man’s wisdom?” We get over confident, even cocky, about the advances in medical science, technology, education, etc.  If we can, through “our” understanding, explain a process or determine a course of action, we quickly remove God from His throne and place ourselves there. We are quick to relinquish control to God when the situation seems hopeless and beyond our capability to change.  But when we think we know what to do, we take over and relegate God to blessing our plans.

We soon forget that it all comes from the Lord. There is nothing that we have that has not been provided by the Lord; even wisdom and intellect. Everything was created by Him and is provided to us according to His purpose, not ours.  Although I was relieved to hear the diagnosis, I was quickly reminded that I am just as dependent on the Lord as I was before.  He hasn’t changed nor has my reliance on Him. Tomorrow is not guaranteed for me. I had no guarantee six months ago when I thought I was healthy. Every day is a gift from God. He sustains me moment to moment.  Whatever His will is for me, I trust in Him alone. Forever I will be grateful.