My goal is to share that there is hope for today and more importantly hope for eternity.  That hope is in and through Jesus Christ, the Son of God. There is no other way.

I don’t claim to be well read or a good writer  That should be evident soon.  I do claim that  my Lord and Savior, Jesus, paid a high price for my eternal life with Him.  I am forever thankful.  In response to what He has given me, I am striving to share all I can through this blog for His purposes. 

There is a list of blogs in the side bar.  Although I haven’t read every post, I do recommend the authors of these blogs.  I have found them to be Godly people shining light on the times we live in, uncovering the influence of Satan in our churches and “Christian” leadership, and calling for believers to take a true biblical stand in all things.

I expect, not just encourage, you to compare everything you read here to God’s Word in the Bible. Only God is without error or flaw.

Only by grace,

Shane Wright